Zoloto, Cantata - Prologue

Zoloto - Prologue
Prologue from a cantata written for “Zoloto”, a period movie settled in Rome in 1527. Performed by the Moscow Symphony Orchestra and the Small Choir of the Bolshoi, July 1992.

Music and lyrics by Tommaso Vittorini.

Lyrics in Latin and their English translation are published further down this page.

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  1. Zoloto - Prologue

    Tommaso Vittorini - Moscow Symphony Orchestra & Small Choir of the Bolshoi

Res insolita, oriente sole
in haec civitate onerata veste et auro
homines deliciis diffluentes
in contionem milites vocabant.
An uncommon fact, at sunrise
in this City loaded with gold and jewelry
men weakened by luxury
began gathering their troops.

T: Divitias congerebant
S: Dimissa spem bellum componendi
A: Dum hostes locum castris capebant
B: Relicta urbe direptioni et incendiis
T: Et non dissimilis sonus auri quam belli
S: Bucina bello dat signo
A: Sed auri causa bellum est, non Dei
S: Hoc deinceps militias mercede conductas
A: Facile irruebant
TUTTI Violenta viri vi.
T: They amassed their goods,
S: Having lost hope of avoiding the war.
A: While the enemy laid the siege
B: the City was left to looting and fire.
T: Gold and swords have a similar sound
S: The trumpet sounds the start of a battle;
A: But it’s a war for gold, not for God.
S: Hence the mercenary militia
A: Flooded easily
TUTTI with all men’s rough violence.


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