I’d rather describe a few things I’ve enjoyed doing, than recite a list of things of all that I’ve done.


Scuola Popolare di Musica di Testaccio

In 1975 a group of musicians in Rome, pressured by an overwhelming demand for private music lessons, founded a school of music with a goal: teaching to people of all ages, making them learn to play with other students. Besides theory and technique classes, the school had a wide number of workshops in which students could experience hands-on many aspects and styles of music from Renaissance to modern Jazz. Tommaso Vittorini, after being among the founders, led the school from 1977 to 1981. He taught music theory and saxophone and created the school’s Band, a 65-piece marching ensemble. The school, started as a non-profit with only three rooms for about 800 students, has grown to one of Italy’s most renowned institutions for learning music.

19770424 Banda a Testaccio


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Grande Elenco Musicisti

Grande Elenco Musicisti, or GEM, was a European big band conveying high-profile musicians and composers into one ensemble. It was founded by Tommaso Vittorini, who also provided most of the scores, in September 1977. The band lasted until July 1981, had three editions rather different from one another in personnel and style, and played mostly during  festivals. Despite the short time it lasted, the GEM is still remembered for its experimental outset, and for setting up a connection between European music languages and improvisation.

You will be able to read more about the GEM on a separate page.


Schiano & Vittorini – Compagnia di Riviste

More than an official project (the only document they handed out was a business card with no contact number), it was an understanding on parodies between Mario Schiano and Tommaso Vittorini.
The first outcome was “Un Cielo Di Stelle”, a 1979 concept album featuring actors, musicians and sound effects. It was the story of a theater company trying desperately to get attention from three cynical managers.
Subsequently the Compagnia di Riviste released “Swimming Pool Orchestra”, a parody on different streams of jazz; “Tournée”, a radio play in five 90’ episodes; and “Mario Schiano & La Sua Orchestra – Cioè Vittorini”, a compilation of Italian evergreens where Schiano acted as a crooner, printed and distributed in just 500 copies signed by the author.

1979 1


Musica in Libera Uscita

A book written by Tommaso Vittorini in 1983 and published by Oscar Mondadori in 1984, about changes in music that could be labeled as “jazz” during the 1970s. Partly an essay, partly a diary filled with anecdotes and stories gathered through personal experience.



A project for a concert based on two simple concepts, the first being “Music For Films That Had Never Been Written”, and the second being “All The Music You Can Do With The Smallest Budget Ever”. Compositions were based on imaginary film plots written by Tommaso Vittorini himself, which were described to the audience through loglines. The band featured four soloists playing on computer-based backgrounds simulating a full orchestra through advanced, detailed MIDI programming. The project had two seasons, in 1991 and 1993.



Eliseo Big Band
Eliseo Big Band

A thirty-piece Big Band plus strings at the prominent Eliseo Theater in Rome for the 1998-1999 seasons, which Tommaso Vittorini wrote for and conducted. The Monday show format was based on jazz standards, with surprise guests appearances of noted musicians and performers.
The book included arrangements spanning from Duke Ellington to Frank Zappa. Guests were usually famous for their accomplishments in other music genres than jazz: pop, rock’n’roll, opera; and their names were kept secret until their appearance on the stage.
Concerts had live airplay nationwide.


Big O Orchestra

Envisioned by producer Enzo Capua, this big band features some of the best musicians in the New York City area:

Sharel Cassity, Laura Dreyer, Ada Rovatti Brecker, Lauren Sevian – Woodwinds
Pamela Fleming, Laura Kahle, Christine Fawson – Trumpets
Deborah Weisz, Reut Regev – Trombones
Amanda Monaco, Michelle Marie Nestor – Guitar
Daniela Schaechter, Piano
Noriko Ueda, Nicki Parrott – Bass
Sylvia Cuenca, Drums
Tommaso Vittorini, conductor

Active since 2006, the band performed at the Symphony Space and the Blue Note.



Concerto per Piano e Orchestra

This is a future project, to be released in the 2013-2014 season. It is a concert of entirely new music by Tommaso Vittorini, to be performed by Danilo Rea on the piano and a 35-piece orchestra featuring 6 woodwinds, 7 brasses, 4 percussionists and 18 strings, conducted by the composer.
The project is currently in the composition stage, in close cooperation with Danilo Rea.


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